About YourLocalATM

Your Local ATM provides the latest in ATM Technology, incorporating the following industry leading.

  • Customisable couponing systems in the ATM.

Retains in store customer spending, exactly the petrol vouchers work but for your store…

How the investment works.

1: A sales rep talks to you about the opportunity and answers any questions.

2. You complete all necessary documentation

3. Provide a 20% deposit upfront.

4: We then find sites for you and then Order them.

5: Once ATM 1 week before ATM arrives at the site final deposit is paid.

6. Every month after for a minimum of 5 years you will get your minimum 18% or higher. (if a site makes more than 798 transactions per month you then make 30c a transaction!)

8: We will send you independently audited transaction reports to go with your monthly passive income.

9: There are no maintenance, insurance or annual fees! We cover everything.

10: After 5 years you may wish to keep your ATM and extend the contract or sell it back to us!