About YourLocalATM

Your Local ATM provides the latest in ATM Technology, incorporating the following industry leading.

  • Customisable couponing systems in the ATM.

Retains in store customer spending, exactly the petrol vouchers work but for your store…

7 quick key benefits of a Your Local ATM

1: Having a ATM in your store can increase your foot traffic by up to 30%*

2: 70% of the people that use an ATM in an outlet then Purchase a product in store*

3: This alone has shown an average 8%-14% increase in retail sales in Caltex serve stations alone*

4: If your site does over 1400 transactions per month we will then upgrade you to the Chubb fill ATM plan.

5: You eliminate the need for Eftpos and free up your registered

6: We have a couponing system that converts ATM users to shoppers

7: You can advertise for free on the screens or on the side of the machines