About YourLocalATM

Your Local ATM provides the latest in ATM Technology, incorporating the following industry leading.

  • Customisable couponing systems in the ATM.

Retains in store customer spending, exactly the petrol vouchers work but for your store…

How it works for your business.

1: We give you a Free ATM and we look after all the install and maintenance costs.

2: It takes about 1 month to deliver the ATM.

3: Once the ATM is installed our qualified technicians train your key employees on how to use the ATM.

4: You fill the ATM like you would a Till with a float.

5: When a customer uses the machine any amount withdrawn is directly deposited in your back account that night.

6: You also earn a rebate on every transaction over 170 per month

7: If there are any issues with the machine 9 times out of 10 we can fix it remotely without you even knowing about it, (for free)