About YourLocalATM

Your Local ATM provides the latest in ATM Technology, incorporating the following industry leading.

  • Customisable couponing systems in the ATM.

Retains in store customer spending, exactly the petrol vouchers work but for your store…

“Products and Services”

Here you you see all the different ATM’s we have to offer you! Click on a link to the left or on the links below for info on the following topics.

Stand Alone ATM are the lobby style ATM’s you see at most corner stores/pubs and shopping centres.

Drive Through ATM will be the next best thing since sliced bread in Australia! The rest of the world’s already doing it! We are next!

Through The wall ATM is the typlical bank style through the wall machine.

Mobile ATM is what we use for festivals, Stand alone Lobby style ATM’s that have a GPS tracking device inside them. Perfect for one time use.