About YourLocalATM

Your Local ATM provides the latest in ATM Technology, incorporating the following industry leading.

  • Customisable couponing systems in the ATM.

Retains in store customer spending, exactly the petrol vouchers work but for your store…

Latest Model Lobby Style ATM

Our ATM is a high functionality ATM giving Australian businesses affordable access to direct marketing promotions such as on-screen advertising, that can impact business profitability.

We work with you to develop or customize applications to suit specific needs and locations.

They can also be programmed to better manage your service offering and help protect your patronage. For example:

•    Customize direct charge options, eg. variable transaction fees during happy hours or at weekends, or card rate differentiation

•    Engage customers with new direct marketing promotions such as couponing or on-screen advertising with voice prompts

•    Enforce 24-hour withdrawal limits using iRep, our Responsible Entertainment Pack, to manage withdrawal frequencies and amounts as legislated for the gaming industry.
More than a new generation of ATMs…

Our ATM’s represents an innovative ATM solution for Australian business owners & managers.